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Hallo All,

I have been researching my family now for over twenty years.  I guess I caught the bug off my dear late Dad who was so chuffed to get our family back to the mid 1800s in Buckinghamshire before he died.  I've always loved history, this was my best subject at school, and always loved old documents, dusty old books and so on.

I had an accident over twenty years ago which left me sitting about at home with not a lot to do.  So I decided to have a look at my Dad's notes to see how he went about tracing the family tree in Buckinghamshire.  Since then I have gone on to take the tree back to the early 1500s and the family are more from Oxfordshire and Berkshire, so Dad would have been very surprised at my discoveries.  I have the tree back to my 8 x great grandfather with certainty, but need some more proof to take it back to my 10 and 11 x great grandfathers.

It's been a very interesting journey and I have found a few gems along the way, but have many many brick walls to break through.  It always seems that when you answer one puzzling question you get three or four more to stump you!  And of course, I have found "new" cousins all over the world which is wonderful and also made a lot of good friends.

I wish you all much luck and success in digging and delving into your roots!!  

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I'm an amateur geneaologist, but the third in my family who has pursued the history (at least, out of the ones that I know :P). I am looking for information about the Swettenham families from Somorford Booths OR Swettenham, England. I would be interested in swapping information/stories. In addition to my research, my brother's, and our great-uncle's, I also have a long document about family legend and Swetnams across America that was created by a distant relative but which, unfortunately, does not cite sources. (I am also researching to verify that information.)

According to family legend, in the late 17th century, about 1692, there lived in England a Lord Swettenham, who was a member of the House of Lords. He had six children, one named John, who had fallen in love with an actress. This was very unfashionable at the time, and his father bitterly opposed the upcoming marriage. The Lord told his son that if he married this actress, he would give him a few thousand pounds and then cut him off from any future inheritance. The son defied his father and married. He brought his new bride to the Virginia Colony and settled in what is today Stafford County. It was then that he changed the spelling of his name.

Right now I'm interested in finding out more about the Davenport/Swettenham feud that started in 1415. I have a little bit of information which I don't quite understand- It seemed to have started when my ancestor, Thomas de Swettenham sold portions of his land with the manorial rights and the advowson of the church to the Davenports. I have no other information about it, but would like to learn more if anyone has an inkling.