Cea H. (cjhm) wrote in british_roots,
Cea H.

My roots (better late than never)

So I noticed new members being asked to post and thought "Gee I wonder if I ever got asked"
It only took me THREE years to notice but http://community.livejournal.com/british_roots/708.html
Yes, I am authorized, but I can only claim "not paying attention" (or so caught up in my research....)

My British Roots

GOARD (Cornwall)
SLEEMAN (Cornwall)
RUBBRA (Northampton)
RANN (Warwickshire)
BATES (Warwickshire)
WEBSTER (Leicestershire)
SOUTHWELL (Huntingdon)
HANDFORD (Leicestershire)
HURRELL (Norfolk)
HOOKS (Norfolk)
BECKETT (Suffolk)
CLAXTON (Suffolk)
KELLAM (Leicestershire)
SWAINSON (Lancashire)

I don't do this full time and sort of pick a line for a while then pick another - and most of my research is for my own interest - but happy to swap info / stories / pics if anyone has similar names etc.
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